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Our teecher vetting process is very strict. It ensures that we personally know every single one of them, as well as their background. All of our teechers are students handpicked from the world's best universities and amongts the best in their classes.
Your child will be in very good hands.


To make sure our Teechers are knowledgeable and friendly, we interview each of them personally and get to know them. We make sure they are passionate about the subjects the study and great people to interact with.
You would love them if you met them.




We've worked hard to offer a wide variety of topics on our platform. With one subscription, your child will receive instant help in all the subjects he or she needs help in.They also get to favorite their favorite teechers,which helps them build a rock solid support network.


It takes an average of 25 seconds to have a teecher call you back after you ask a question. This is incredibly fast.
Our mission is to provide to-the-point help on the spot and we take pride in doing this well.


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Our Packages


£3.99 /month

  • 5 minutes of session time
    + an extra 5 minutes on sign-up
  • Unlimited content in one subject
  • One on one tutorials


£19.99 /month

  • 40 minutes of session time
    + an extra 40 minutes on sign up
  • Unlimited content in all subject areas
  • Direct access to the best teechers


£79.99 /month

  • All the benefits of the other plans +
  • Unlimited 24/7 ,
    whenever you need it
  • Hand picked Teecher selection