Make the most of your knowledge

Help students learn faster and better, and earn money doing so

Incredible people

Teech relies on creating a network of incredible individuals that will help students through any problems or opportunities they may face.

That's why we look for students and graduates from the UK’s best universities, who not only have brilliant and inspiring minds but who also have the energy to set an example for students to strive towards.

That’s what becoming a teecher means and that's the goal we aspire to. As a teecher working with us you will receive notifications as soon as a question falling in your area of expertise is asked. You will then get the opportunity to guide the student through her problem via our video call to make sure that she is able to solve similar problems on her own.

While the goal for students is to create a network of people that they can trust and turn to for help whenever they need, yours is to build a network of students who will come to value not only your academic skills, but also your advice and support.

Join our team of experts now

We will contact you for a 20 minute meet up to get the chance to meet you, have a chat and put a face to your name.

Golden parachutes

Once you’ve completed the process you’ll get access to our Teecher app and will be able to better your economic and financial situation with every tap on a question


Make £18 an hour

Work on your own, whenever you like with no strings attached. As a teecher you will be remunerated on an 18£ per hour basis, and as a part of the team you will regularly be asked for feedback on the sessions and payment model. The service rests upon the quality of the teechers, so your feedback is of utmost importance.

Join us now and be part of the team

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on [email protected], and if you would like to have a longer chat about what we’re doing and what it involves, or if you would like to get involved beyond the role as a teecher we would love to have a proper talk to hear your comments and questions – the drinks are on us.